Introduction to Jim's Mowing Sydney

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Why Join Jim’s?

Jim’s is the number 1 brand in Australia for Lawn Mowing and Gardening.

How does that help me?

Each year in Sydney we pass on to our franchisees over 20,000 new customers who are looking for lawn or garden maintenance services on top of their existing clients.

The estimated value of these new services is over $20 million.

In addition to the 20,000 individual customers above, last year we had to say sorry to a further 11,000+ customers that our franchisees could not quote for because they were too busy.

The estimated value of this lost business is over $9 million.

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How much can I earn?

As the owner of your franchise, the potential earnings of the business really comes down to you. Your drive to succeed is what dictates your earnings.

As the premium brand in Mowing and Gardening, clients are happy to pay more for the peace of mind of going with Jim’s Mowing.

There are no limits on how big you grow your business or what sort of lifestyle you wish to achieve. Every person’s needs and wants differ, so part of the process when joining Jim’s is to discuss with the Jim’s Mowing team the sort of income you are looking for and the lifestyle you wish to achieve.

We then discuss a plan to help you attain your goals.

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How much to start?

This is a conversation that needs to be had with your local franchisor. Like everything, it varies based on the type of business you want to start:
  • Starting a Jim’s Mowing franchise without existing customers and growing your business from referral of customers from the Jim’s network. You can start with as little as $10k deposit, balance subject to finance.
  • Buying a business from an existing franchisee, the price is dependent on the turnover of the customers being purchased and if any equipment is included.
  • Starting a Jim’s Mowing franchise with a smaller group of customers and growing your business from referral of customers from the Jim’s network. The price is dependent on the turnover of the customers being purchased.

A list of the current sales is on our website.

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Ongoing Franchisee Fees

Every business needs to consider a range of activities; advertising to attract new customers, communicating and managing customers, systems for scheduling, quoting and invoicing, ongoing training and support.

This does not change because you join a franchise; at Jim’s Mowing we have this all sorted for you. The base franchisee fee is approximately $850- per month (if you are fully compliant) This varies based on the number of leads (new customers) that you take each month.

We consolidate the fees of all Jim’s Mowing franchisees and use the combined purchasing power to provide:

Marketing and branding

Our dedicated marketing teams focus is on improving the brand and increasing the number of leads/customers for our franchisees.

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Training and Support

Training before you start your business.

We offer a comprehensive training program that gets you ready to start a business whether you are a novice or experienced.

Once you have started, for the first three months your regional franchisor will schedule at least weekly contact to answer any questions or issues you have.

Melbourne induction training

  • At Jim’s HQ (Airfares not included).
  • Meals and accommodation.
  • 3 Days of the Jim’s way and systems.
  • 3 Days mowing specific training.
  • Conducted by current franchisees, franchisors or specialised trainers depending on topic.
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Trial Day

If you are interested in owning a Jim’s Mowing franchise the best way to get a ‘hands’ on feel for what it would be like is to join one of our fellow franchisees for a Trial Day!

What is a trial day?

You will be heading out into the field assisting with all the daily tasks that one of our franchisees tends to during their working day. Practical tasks that you might see, or experience include:

  • Lawn Mowing and edging
  • Blowing down pathways
  • Hedging and Pruning
  • Weeding and so on
  • Spraying

Our franchisee will show you what they do within a day.

Most importantly, a trial day gives you the chance to ask as many questions as you want from an experienced Jim’s Mowing franchisee.

A trial day is there to give you a real life understanding of being a franchisee, giving you the confidence to make an informed decision that this is the type of business you want to run.

So, what are you waiting for?

Book a trial day with one of our franchisees today - you won’t regret it!!

How do you get work?

Being a part of the Jim’s Mowing brand means your business will take advantage of the significant marketing and brand recognition Jim’s Mowing has built over many decades. All the work has been done to provide you with a ready pool of leads.

In the Sydney region, we generated more than 31,000 leads (new customers) with an estimated value of $29 million.

By joining Jim’s Mowing you’re already ahead of the competition.

So how do you get the actual work??

  • We have an Australian based call centre and Jim’s Mowing website taking enquiries for you and sending them to you as a lead via text, our software and email.
  • We also have a Jim’s national contracts team working to provide large national based contracts for our franchisees.
  • Due to the strength of our brand, we have a very high walk-up enquiry rate, where a passer-by will stop to ask for a quotation after noticing your uniform or your branded vehicle or trailer.
  • Work can also come from your franchisor and other franchisees through their networks and referrals from their customers.
  • Referrals and ‘up selling’ from your customers.
  • We will assist you with the skills to achieve this through our business development training and support.

Jim’s Mowing franchisees all run their own businesses but are a part of the Jim’s Mowing, we work to keep our customers within Jim’s Mowing and for all of us to build successful businesses.

Steps to Joining Jim's

  1. Enquiry talk over the phone.
  2. Face to Face meeting with franchisor.
  3. Trial Day Get a feel for what it is like and is this the type of business you want to run.
  4. Setting up the business – Purchase price/finance arranged and business structure
  5. Choose your business: - New territory with no existing customers. -  New territory with some customers. -  Existing territory and customers.
  6. Formal documents i.e., franchise agreement. You will need to hold these for 14 days.
  7. Book your Jim's Training
  1. National Training 6 days - 3 days learning of the Jim's systems and processes - 3 Days of Mowing related topics (Quoting and Scheduling)
  1. Hands on training 5 - 10 days of field training.
  2. Arrange Machinery, trailer and/or Vehicle – Signage
  3. Complete the purchase the business (Sign documents and balance of funds owing).
  4. Arrange Public Liability Insurance
  5. Business briefing (Systems up and working)
  6. Business Handover (For those buying an established business)
  7. Start your franchise.

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