Should You Buy A Lawn Mowing Franchise. Why Jims Mowing Franchise

    A lawn mowing franchise might be a good option for those who like the idea of owning a lawn mowing business but do not want to start one on their own. If you are a gardening freak and want to own a gardening franchise then this article is for you.

    We can’t tell you what’s available in your area or when you’re planning to decide so we’re unable to offer any advice regarding which lawn mowing franchise might work for you. In contrast, if you have decided to buy a lawn mowing business for sale, we can go over things you should consider before making a decision.

    Factors to consider when choosing a lawn mowing franchise

    If you are looking for a lawn mowing business for sale Sydney then you must consider the following points:


    A good brand name is going to cost you more money, but you are likely to get more work by using it, which means that you are likely to get more money per project. A gardening franchise with no fame would be hard to recognize and may take years to make it stand out from other competitors.


    Make sure each company has a good reputation in the lawn care/garden maintenance industry. If you can, do at least a web search to see where they stand in a broader market.


    It would be valuable if you could find someone you know who has already bought a lawn mowing franchise that you can ask for their recommendations. There are also forums on the internet where you can ask around.


    In terms of Lawn mowing franchise cost, most gardening franchises are going to require an investment of anywhere from $5,000 to $60,000 before they roll out their first lawn mowing service, depending of course on which of the emphases are vital.


    A monthly fee for ongoing services, including the referral of a call centre, administration, and marketing of the organization, is charged. Considering what you get each month and whether it is justified is something that you should think about.

    Situational Factors

    Aside from your lawn mowing experience, you might also consider your skills, professional experience in running a business, timeframes, schedules, and financial situation.

    Self Image

    The relationship you have with the gardening franchise salesperson and/or the master franchisor can have a huge impact on your job satisfaction. In this digital age, most work comes from franchises via email or SMS, but when you do need to speak with them, you want to feel comfortable.

    Benefits of owning a franchise:

    1. As a small business owner, you have the flexibility of choice that comes with owning your own business, while being backed up by a larger business network.
    2. Running a franchise is not as complicated as one would think because one does not need so much business experience. The franchisors will provide you with training so that you can learn how to operate the business based on their business model.
    3. Many factors lead to a business being successful that is not present in regular businesses.
    4. Franchises are more likely to be financed easily, which makes it easier for them to open. A business that you buy can cost you less than the cost of starting one from scratch, so it makes sense to invest in one.
    5. Franchises have the advantage of having established brands, reputations, management methods, and business practices that come with them.
    6. The gardening franchise has the advantage of having a marketing campaign that is already in place.

    Inconveniences of owning a franchise:

    1. A franchise agreement must be entered into between the franchisor and you. Your business operations will be governed by the terms and conditions of these agreements. There won’t be much room for creativity when you are dealing with this task. As a business, there are limits on what you can sell, where you can sell it, who you can purchase it from, and where you can operate.
    2. Poor performance may negatively affect the reputation of your entire gardening franchise. When you purchase a franchise, your profits will be shared with the franchisor.
    3. Once your franchise agreement expires, the franchisor is not required to renew it.

    Reasons for Going with Jim’s Mowing Franchise

    One of the best franchises to choose is Jim’s Mowing franchise. But why Jim’s Mowing franchise? Here are some plus points of the lawn mowing business for sale.

    Outdoor Fitness

    Australia has a long tradition of raising mountain cattlemen in suburban backyards. It should come as no surprise that many Australians prefer open-air jobs as a result. Grass must be cut, the earth must be turned over, and pride in the transformation of a jungle into a garden must be taken. The Franchisees are gaining strength and fitness every day as they get rid of their excess pounds as they learn new skills and apply them daily.

    The air conditioning in an office would be preferred by many people. Those who don’t know how to mow their lawns can turn to Jim’s Mowing franchisee for help.


    Having the freedom to work at your own pace also comes with being outside. Especially when the grass is shooting, these can be long and hard. Taking a holiday when it is convenient for you can also mean attending a son’s football match or even playing golf at the time of your choosing. Self-discipline and responsibility are required to live in this kind of freedom. Our company is looking for self-motivated individuals who are flexible and take ownership of their mistakes.

    Furthermore, a week-long intensive training course is available for quoting, upselling, bookkeeping, computer systems, health and safety, and customer service, in addition to practical subjects like pruning, fertilisers, and plant identification.

    Customer Service

    The company understands that success is a personal decision, made by each individual based on their values and beliefs. The failure of a franchisee to provide excellent service to the customers will result in their failure or even a termination of their franchise. Jim’s Mowing franchise’s success can be attributed in part to the fact that over 80% of our leads are generated by referrals and reputation, rather than through traditional advertising methods. Franchisees must meet our exacting standards during our careful selection process. It means that this is the type of place where high-standard people can be surrounded by others with similar standards.

    Continual Support

    Providing coaching and advice to franchisees through regular meetings, fast response to calls and regular pro-active calls is part of the franchise agreement. In addition to regularly polling Franchisees, Jim Penman, our founder, invites Franchisees with problems to contact him directly. A typical week will see him speaking with several Franchisees and giving out his phone number and email address. If Franchisees are not satisfied with Jim’s Mowing franchise service, they can switch to another Franchisor or even vote them out.

    As well as receiving support from fellow Franchisees, who are usually more than willing to provide advice and guidance when needed. Also, we encourage our Franchisees to attend meetings and meet with Franchisees of other Divisions at our meetings to expand their network. As a result of this, some franchisees can gain more than half of their work with this method.

    Get a head start

    The unique aspect of Jim’s Franchises is that whatever the size of the franchise, it can grow. There are no restrictions on the number of workers or vehicles employed by franchisees, and they turn over more than a million dollars each year.

    A lawn mowing franchise might be a good option for those who like the idea of owning a lawn mowing business.


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