Jimʼs Mowing has partnered up with Jimʼs Financial Services. They are accredited ʻfinancial consultantsʼ that can help you with all of your financial needs. They know the Jimʼs franchise business inside and out and have a number of low-doc options for you.

Special Offer - Was $35K now $22K Jim's Mowing Franchise

There were 8,711 unserviced leads for the period October to end March.
In the 12 months to the end of march 2019 across NSW, we spent over $600,000 in advertising for our franchisees that delivered
just over $23 million dollars of new work, we were unable to service just under $8.6 million of this work.
Wouldn't you like to take a piece of this $8.6m to kick start your new business?

*$22k includes

  • New Business
  • $1500 per week Pay For Work Guarantee
  • Two week of training - Melbourne and local based in-field training
  • Standard uniform pack
  • Standard safety pack
  • Standard stationery pack
  • 100 free leads
  • Documents / Business registration costs

And the option of either Equipment Package

Total value for each pack is over $35k
If you upgrade the Pay for Work Guarantee to $2k per week, then add a further
$3k to the price at a total of $25k. This would take the package value at over $39k.
Call to arrange the package for Spring with a $2k deposit.